Interior photographer – Mikhail Pavenin

Interior photographer - Mikhail Pavenin

Hello! I am a professional interior photographer.

Photography of interior and architecture is my life’s work.

In this business, I set myself a high bar, without stopping I develop my skills and improve. Thanks to the constant evaluation of my interior photos, I successfully correct and improve the result with each subsequent photography. Together, this helps me realize myself as an interior photographer.

I cooperate mainly with interior designers, architects, interior design studios and architectural bureaus.

Below are the main points and answers to questions for an interior photographer

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How to book interior photography

The fastest and surest way to contact me to discuss photography is instagram – @pavenin , telegram – @pavenin or mail – You can also ask questions through the feedback form, which is a little lower.

Write in social networks, ask questions, do not be shy, it’s very easy to communicate with me 🙂

What to Discuss Before Shooting with an Interior Photographer

Before shooting the interior, it is necessary to discuss important nuances that will directly affect the result – flawless photos.

It is necessary to decide on such an important point as the shooting time – morning, afternoon or evening.

Interior photographer example of morning photographyMorning interior photography very interesting, especially if you need to capture the long rays of the sun that pass through the panoramic windows and softly fall on the floor, furniture or decor items. In the photographs, it looks very impressive and bewitching.

Interior photographer daytime exampleWith daytime photography, the sunlight fills the rooms as much as possible and thus emphasizes absolutely all the details of the interior.

Evening is notable for the fact that the gentle light of the sun leaving the horizon “poured” into the windows. This soft, evening light goes well with well-designed and elegantly placed accent (spot, local) lighting. Also in the evening, you can profitably show the lighting design of the entire room and individual zones.

Most often, my interior photography lasts until the evening. Why? Yes, very easy! To get the maximum coverage of thoughtful interior design and lighting design, it is necessary to take photographs in daylight and evening light. Therefore, do not rush.

I believe that to get a great result, you need absolute attention to all details and focus on the process.

Also discuss your wishes. What to pay special attention to, what interior details to shoot in close-up, for example: furniture, fittings, lamps, floor lamps, countertop or wall surface, plumbing and other design or decor elements. Suddenly you want to please not only yourself, but also the supplier (contractor) with a couple of beautiful photos.

For example, in this interior photo, I focused on the stove and hood:
interior photographer photographed a kitchen hood

Preparing for interior photography

As for preparing for interior photography. It is necessary to carry out a thorough cleaning of all rooms, remove all unnecessary items. The ideal cleaning option is to contact a cleaning company.

If necessary, seek help from a stylist. You can style the interior on your own. But you can’t do without a stylist for responsible photography, for example, for a glossy magazine or an advertising agency.

The stylist will help to emphasize all sorts of advantages of the finished interior by decorating objects, art, suitable textiles and, possibly, suitable furniture. So in the photo the interior will look impeccable.

Although there are situations when the customer laid out, covered and arranged everything exactly as in the visualization. Then we’re in luck!

What do I offer as a professional interior photographer

  1. Interior photography
  2. Architecture photography
  3. Real estate photography
  4. 360° interior panoramas
  5. Videography of the interior

What is included in the price of interior photography

Everything is specified in each specific order. Naturally, I will arrive at the site at the appointed time, conduct professional shooting and process the footage.

The shooting process, most often, lasts until the evening to take day and evening photos. The number of ready-made photographs is always sufficient to convey the space using different angles, plus close-up details and individual areas of the interior.

As for the timing of the photography.

It all depends on the arrangements (photography, video shooting, panoramas), the task, the size of the subject and the number of zones. As a rule, the footage is ready in three to five days. Sometimes earlier.

Interior photographer portfolio

Here are some of the works, and on the «Projects» page is my portfolio of an interior photographer.